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What will they discover on this tour?

  • Importance of the sea in the history of the city.
  • Portuguese, Dutch, Irish influence…
  • Different conquests and invasions throughout its history.
  • The famous Balconies (Lusitanian style) and their characteristics.
  • 1st democratic City Council elected in Spain by universal suffrage.
  • The stately homes Historical heritage (rich artistic heritage of Renaissance, Baroque and period style with its central courtyards.
  • Chile Nitrate Cartel and former Post Office.
  • Ascensor de La Luz as a panoramic viewpoint and meeting point between the lower part and the 1st population center of the capital (El Barrio de la Canela).

Free Tour Description

In this interesting daytime Free Tour, we will get to know the Historic Center of the capital in a circular tour of about 2 hours.

From one of the most visited squares on the Island, the only one with a monument to Los Divinos in Spain, Plaza Van Dale.

We will go in 1st place to the most famous balconies in the Canary Islands. We will continue our visit to El Castillete, the highest representation of the fortress that the islanders opposed to the conquerors. After that, we will pass by the Naval Museum of S/C de La Palma, we will learn first-hand the importance of the sea and shipbuilding on the Island of La Palma, in addition to having one of the 3 most important ports on the continent. , we will meet its builders, sailors, collectors of maritime pieces and shipbuilders who took as a reference the Nao Santa María under which Columbus discovered America, having within the Museum a large number of pieces and documents such as correspondence from the time, appointment of officers and of the Palm branch of the Court of the Indies of the Island).

We continue with the visit to the Monument to the Dwarf in the Plaza de la Alameda. We will pass in front of the Cross of the 3rd. We will go down the 2nd most commercial street of S/C de La Palma, C/ Anselmo Pérez de Brito, admiring the houses with Caribbean airs and the remains of other fortresses in the small alleys that divide the streets.

We will go down to the main street, C/ Real or C/ O`Daly in memory of one of the illustrious Irish visitors who came and lived on the Island. We will enter the Church of El Salvador, cradle of the many Flemish tapestries of the S. XVI, In front of this Church, we will visit the atrium and main staircase with a coffered ceiling of the City Hall of the capital, the 1st City Council constituted democratically and by suffrage in all of Spain, as well as being one of the first 3 places in all of Spain where electricity arrived. We will continue down Calle Real and enter the Casa Cabrera and its monumental patio before entering another of the family palaces on the island, the Palacio de Salazar. Finally, we will go down to the old Post Office with the characteristic and much-photographed ceramic mural of Nitrate from Chile. We will finish in the Elevator of La Luz, a work of engineering that allows us to climb an incredible gap in said panoramic and glass elevator that allows us to connect the historic center with one of the oldest neighborhoods as well as beautiful that is the Barrio de la Canela ( known as such for the number of sweet shops that existed in remote times)


  1. Meeting Point.
  2. Balconies.
  3. Sta. Catalina Castle (el Castillete).
  4. Boat of the Virgin, La Alameda and Cruz del Tercero.
  5. Anselmo Pérez de Brito Street (Placeta Borrero, Nautical Society, La Investigadora Society…).
  6. Calle O’Daly (known as Calle Real): Town Hall, Church of El Salvador, Casa Cabrera, Town Hall, Palacio Salazar…
  7. Chile Nitrate.
  8. Old Post Office and Elevator of La Luz.


Plaza Van Dale. C/Anselmo Pérez de Brito 14

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